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If you are a deals lover, then there is a pretty good chance that you know and love Woot. Well Wooting just got a whole lot better today with the debut of Deals Woot. Deals Woot is a community driven Woot where users can post and vote on great deals that they find around the interwebs.

Here is announcement via Woot:
Something tells us that you might particularly be on the lookout for good deals right about now. And not even the Woot family of sites, with all our deal-mustering power, can possibly satisfy your every cheapskate desire. So welcome the newest and weirdest addition to our growing brood: Deals.Woot.

Unlike our other sites, it's not a store. Deals.Woot is a community-driven vehicle for finding and sizing up deals elsewhere on the Web. That means we're counting on you guys to post, rate, vote, and comment on the deals that strike your ecommerce fancy. You've been sharpening your deal-hunting teeth on Woot's daily sales - now feast on the fresh meat dragged to Deals.Woot from all over the Internet.

Whether you use Deals.Woot to show off your keen eye for a bargain or just to find cheap Christmas presents, we hope you like looking at the entire ecommerce world through the Deals.Woot filter.

You can find out more at this blog post, or just head to Deals.Woot and learn by clicking. Sadly, we can't turn the entire Internet into Woot, but Deals.Woot is as close as we can get.

One community, every deal -
This is a great concept and I think this will turn into the best of all the Woot sites. What do you think about this? Is this Woot selling out or is it Woot inovating?

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